Sorrento Pants

$101.50 CAD$145.00 CAD
Ships mid to end of June

These 100% pure flax linen pants were specially designed to fit curves and shapes of all sizes. While light and flowy, their A-line cut offers a flattering silhouette that is bound to do any body justice. 

Inspired by white sand Australian beaches, the Sorrento Pant is the perfect companion for a hot summer day and is easily dressed up for a night out. Pair it with the Sorrento Tunic for the look of absolute luxury. 

Ethically made in Bogota, Colombia

-100% pure flax linen
-Front pockets
-Extra-long wide leg pant 
-High waisted pant 

All of our linen is 100% pure flax linen that is Certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
Natural Material: Flax linen comes from a plant, not synthetic chemicals.
Breaks Down Naturally: It can naturally decompose, unlike materials that stick around for a long time.
Uses Less Chemicals: Growing flax usually needs fewer chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers.
Doesn't Need a Lot of Water: Flax plants can grow well with less water compared to some other crops.
Less Waste: Almost all parts of the flax plant are used, creating less waste.
Lasts a Long Time: Linen products are durable and don't wear out quickly, so you don't have to replace them often.
Renewable Resource: Flax plants can be grown again and again every year.
Not Energy-Intensive: Making linen uses less energy compared to making some synthetic materials.
Helps Remove CO2: Flax plants take in carbon dioxide from the air as they grow.
Versatile and Timeless: Linen can be used for many things and doesn't go out of style quickly, and will hang in your closet for years to come.


For a love that's made to last

Flax linen is like that best friend you want around all of the time. Its fibers grow softer and stronger with every wash, so its lovable features won't wear thin.