Our Story

Created by your sisters at Sisterly Swimwear, Olive & Oath is an extension of our promise to bring sustainable and ethically-produced fashion to market at a fair price point.

Sisters Olivia and Isabelle began their journey to offer unique designs that empower the women who make them and those who wear them four years ago. Through meticulous research to source the most sustainable materials possible, we found flax linen and fell in love. 

This linen is legit - unlike most on the market that are blended with cotton - and is considered the 2nd most eco-friendly fabric in the world, next to hemp. The reason? Flax relies solely on rainwater to grow and is a natural pesticide, meaning it requires no herbicides during its growth period. Flax linen also gets stronger and softer with every wash. So, it’s intended to last, just like our commitment to promoting a greener future. 

We’ve spent the last four years strengthening our understanding of what it means to be a sustainable and ethical company. In Latin, Olivia translates to Olive or to extend an olive branch. Isabelle translates to having an oath. With Olive & Oath, we are extending our knowledge of slow fashion to our sisters and have taken an oath to stay true to our values.